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Hi All

I have been working cleaning homes for the last 10 years, in Leslieville for the last 5. Cliché though it may be to say, I honestly do love what I do.  I take great pride in offering an exceptional level of service - the better job I do, the more rewarding for myself and clients alike.  

What do you mean by 'boutique cleaning service'?

In short, it simply means exceptional service.  Expanding on that though it means beginning from the assumption that every client has different needs and my job is to tailor my service to meet those needs. Below I detail a more-or-less comprehensive checklist of the items I tend to on a cleaning visit. Understanding that some people are on a budget I am happy to discuss with you what you would like prioritized.  Also, there may be things you prefer I do not do in which case all you need to do is say and I'll modify appropriately.  If there are items not listed below that you would like to add (i.e. inside fridge, inside cupboard panels, risers on stairs, etc) please do ask and I'll make sure to get them.

  • dust all surfaces, pictures, knick-knacks and ceiling fans
  • clean bathroom with special attention to grimy areas in corners, on baseboards, at base of and behind toilet, etc.) polish fixtures, neatly fold, hang towels and if requested launder them
  • clean kitchen and polish appliances, fixtures, hardware and countertops; wipe all cupboard panels; clean dirty dishes by hand and/or load and unload dishwasher 
  • vacuum floors (*underneath/behind furniture, area rugs, shoe mats, pet hair caught under foot of chairs and tables, etc)
  • vacuum furniture
  • clean mirrors
  • remove  cobwebs with special attention to corners, light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • clean windows and glass doors inside and where possible outside
  • wipe switch plates
  • wipe walls in high-traffic areas (i.e. doors, door frames and entranceways)
  • wipe all baseboards, ledges and banisters including spindles
  • change bed linens and make beds neatly, arranging decorative pillows neatly 
  • wash and fold laundry neatly
  • fold neatly all blankets
  • fold neatly all loose clothing
  • arrange neatly childrens toys and stuffed animals
  • evenly line up books on shelves
  • fluff and arrange neatly all decorative pillows
  • take out trash, recycling, compost and replace all receptacles with new bags


My services are $22/hour.

Complimentary Trial Cleaning

I offer a free 4-hour trial visit so that you can judge for yourself whether my service is up to your standards.  You are under no obligation to continue services with me if you are not fully satisfied.  Simply notify me you'll be going with someone else.  In this instance it would be helpful for me to know what was unsatisfactory so I can improve in the future.

*references available on request. 

Best of luck in finding the service that best meets your needs,


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Two bi-weekly spots still available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Hi Jo,

Do you still have spots available?



Hi Chris - Thanks for getting in touch. I do have a bi-weekly spot on Monday afternoons or Wednesday. If you're interested in either spot let me know if you'd like to arrange a day and time to meet.



Hi Jo, 

We are looking for a bi-weekly cleaner. Do you have any spots available? Thanks!



Hi Lauren

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll send you an email :)



Any spots available? Please msg me. 

Hi Jo,

I have a cleaning lady who seems to not want to do my house anymore. She's not doing a great job. I have a 3 storey detached home with 6 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, plus a studio in the basement where my husband works. Would you be interested in giving my place a try. My current cleaning lady is in for 6 hours bi-weekly but I may need 4 hours on off weeks when I'm busy with work. I would love to try your complimentary trial if possible.


Hi Mary-Beth

I'm sorry to say that I'm fully booked at the moment.  I will have a spot opening in January though if you think you might be interested then.  It would only be bi-weekly (I couldn't offer 4 hours on alternating weeks unless a spot were to open up). It is only a 5-hour spot though it could be stretched to 6 hours. I just might not finish until 5:30.  

Let me know if you are still looking then.

Thanks for getting in touch,


New bi-weekly spot now open on Thursday afternoons. 

Hi Jo,

I am looking for a bi-weekly spot for my townhouse in Leslieville.

Would love to connect with you about it.


Hi Marissa,

Sounds great! You can email me at and we can talk more.



Bi-weekly spot just opened on Tuesday afternoons. Message if interested.
Thanks :)

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