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So the much anticipated Amaya Express opened its doors earlier this week.

We ordered take-out tonight for dinner, and were keen to see how the much talked about Amaya cuisine compared to some of our other Indian delivery options around here.  We had never had Amaya's food before.

We ordered the Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken, Vegetable Samosas, Jasmine Rice, and 2 plain naans.

The total was around $42 including tax, and we picked up so not sure about any delivery charges that would apply.

The Chicken Tikka, in my opinion, was sparse for $12.  It was 5 pieces of chicken and a small cucumber salad garnish.  The flavours and seasonings were very good...spicy, but not overpowering.

The Butter Chicken was a better portion size, and also had very good flavours and seasonings.  The sauce was addictive, and we were glad we had enough rice and naan to justify eating it all.

The Samosas were pretty good, and standard, as were the rice and naans. 

When I picked up our order, the staff were having trouble figuring out how to use their new machine to process my debit card so I ended up paying with Visa.  They also sent me out the door with someone else's order, and seemed to be having a bit of opening week jitters working out how to keep orders and tickets straight.

Our usual Indian delivery joint until now has been Real Taste of India.  Overall, I found the flavours and spices of Amaya's food were a little more balanced and tasty than Real Taste of India, but for $40-45 at Real Taste of India we get an additional main dish, and the overall portion sizes are bigger.  We can easily get two full meals for two people out of a Real Taste of India order...and that wasn't the case with our food from Amaya tonight.

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Outstanding! We have ordered dinner twice. Deep, intensely-flavoured dishes; we especially like Prawns Amaya and must have the sweet & sour eggplant. Only miss is the nan, which is not made to order like you will get in Little India. Portions may not be huge but flavour is so intense I think you will be satisfied with a bit less quantity. And no pool of oil on your plate.
We had a great dinner there. I sent Grace off with $50 to choose and bring home dinner for 2. We're vegetarian. She had no trouble finding a full veg meal. I don't know what she ordered but it was great. Very spicy so next time she knows to get some raita too. We ate a huge dinner, second helpings, lunch the next day and dinner too. We will definitely get dinner there again (and again and again) but we'll be sure to get the raita.
We were very disappointed with the one meal we ordered from here. We also found the portions to be too small for the price and the naan was downright awful. We'll definitely stick with Gerrard St for our Indian food!
New Haandi, all the way! They deliver!
We have never been to this particular locaiton, but quite often went to the Yorkville location before we moved to Leslieville. The food is always great!!
They messed up our order once, of course we did not realize it until we were at the dinner table and on another occasion the did hand us someone else's order. Worth checking your order before leaving. Other than that, the food was good!
I had one of their new wraps for a quick lunch...the Tandoori chicken. It was outstanding!
I can't believe that our experience was so different from many others. Do people feel like Amaya Express is actually better quality and price than the multiple places on Gerrard St.? We found it to pale in comparison to the much better options in Little India.
I've been put off by how you can't see into the place. I like to size up a place before I go in. Does it look clean, is it attracting Tasty Chicken House type patrons or not, that sort of thing. Their window covering makes that impossible. And their prices seem way out of line compared to Little India.
This is a beautiful clean restaurant. We have ordered from here several times and have enjoyed the food and convenience. The owners are friendly and are interested in being involved in community events. I encourage you to go and say hello and enjoy some good food.
Had a great experience at Amaya. Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff and the wrap/soup I ordered was delicious. Would go again.
I was really impressed!  The food was fresh, full of flavour and not greasy.  Would definitely order from Amaya again.

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