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Hi All,

My husband and I live in the area and are considering opening a business.

We have a few ideas but thought some "market research" on the board might shed some light on what businesses or services our neighbours wish were available. 


Please let us know, what do you think is missing in Leslieville?

Or what do we need more of? 


Thanks so much.







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There is a micheals in behind Yorkdale and a Fabricland over there around Orfus Rd. Couple Fabriclands just east of us on Eglinton where all the big box stuff is. That said MacFab should have everything you need in that department. They used to be more fashion oriented when they were over on Queen but at the back they still have loads of thread and notions. Keep in mind pillows use zippers, buttons and thread too!

Angela Jensen said:
I haven't, but aren't they primarily home decor fabric?  Fortunately I have little left to do in that department.  I do a lot of garment sewing, though, but the fabric stores up the street from me on Gerrard don't really have what I'm looking for, and that includes all the notions (zippers, thread, buttons, etc - I have yet to see a sari with a zipper).  I also really miss having a crafts store (Lewiscraft, Michael's, etc) in the city.  Deserres is nearby, but they tend more to either fine arts or crafts for kids.
A bakery on Gerrard would be fab!
Gerrard is desperate for some excitement... especially the stretch between Greenwood & Coxwell, glad to see a nice brunch spot is opening up near Coxwell, but a bakery or a cozy pub/cafe would be a welcome addition.
I think it'd be great to have somewhere to watch a game, go for a a casual drink.

JL21 said:
I think it'd be great to have somewhere to watch a game, go for a a casual drink.

Gooood idea.  Fresh, Freshii or Raw Live would be so amazing too....


We need it all!! :)


A shoe store would be great.
Fruit and  veg market!!!

Word on the street has it that they are opening a new fruit/veg/italian grocery next door to Tomassos Trattoria on eastern.


LW said:

Fruit and  veg market!!!

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