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hi is another newbie question for the neighborhood?

I was at home the other night and didn't feel like cooking so wanted to order something for delivery....but had no idea what was good.

anyone have any recommendations for your basic delivery fare? thai? chinese? pizza etc.....


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If you're thinking strictly delivery, there's the usuals (Pizza Pizza, Amatos). Haven't found any great Chinese or Thai food delivery places around here yet (any suggestions Leslievillers?)

Sushi Marche is a great option, but I think its take out only, no delivery. Lil Baci also does delivery for its menu, but I'm not sure what the limitations are on that - they definitely do take out as well. Not sure if any of the other restaurants around here do delivery.

You may also want to consider LOIC Gourmet to go - its on Queen right near Broadview, and its basically gourmet quality food, but is only in take out (it has a couple of tables if you really want to eat in, but its definitely a take-out place). My wife and I have gotten take out from there a bunch of times and the food is quite good. They also have free delivery (I think) within their delivery zone (we usually pick it up on the way home), and the price is very reasonable for what you get. Menu changes daily and its all online. It's only open until 8 during the week, so its not a place for late night munchies - its for lunch and dinner. Here's the site:

You can also google the name and find a bunch of reviews on the place.
We ordered delivery from The Real Jerk the other night through The delivery charges can be a little steep since they're a third party service, but on nights when you don't feel like walking to pick up your food, it's worth it. The food was amazing.
Chino Locos at Greenwood and Queen delivers (by bike!)
Their food is great. If you walk in, it takes a little time for them to prepare it because they make everything fresh, but having it delivered removes that small problem.

I have had Chino Locos. That place is unreal....the fish burritto is like crack....just can't stop!
Friendly Thai at Queen and Leslie delivers. The food is good, but honestly, if I'm going to eat Thai, I order from Thai on Danforth - 416-690-3388. They're at Danforth east of Coxwell, and I'm outside their delivery area but they deliver to me anyway. Great food. Good prices. I had them cater my Xmas Eve dinner party last year and my guests loved it.
Only SeaSpray!!! The one on Kingston Road, not the one on Queen.
Have tried others but none compare.Have never ever had a bad meal from them.
Free Delivery over $15

And as far as Burgers and that go, Dangerous Dans.
The Magic Oven on Danforth (at Pape) will deliver to Leslieville, if you want pizza that won't shorten your life. I agree with Nancy that, in a pinch, the Friendly Thai can be a good option. The food is kind of "North American Thai" rather than authentic, ie., really saucy.
I'm pretty sure Sushi Marche now delivers. Mmmm so good.

I've recently turned onto Chino Loco too and it is such a great addition to the neighbourhood.
I am addicted to Chino Locos. It is like food born heroin. the fish burrito is amazing.
I didn't like my pizza from there, and it cost >$40. I've started making my own for <$5, and I like them.
Remember Little India is just East of us. New Haandi is a great place for their buffet, but they also deliver.

New Haandi Indian Restaurant
We're fans of Number One Chinese restaurant (especially their "Deep Fried Squids with Pepper & Spiced Salt")

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