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Does anyone else think The Nose needs a major external cosmetic fix??

Every time I walk by that ghetto, decrepit looking building I feel sad!  The food is amazing, and the inside of the restaurant is great, but the outside of that building is in desperate need of some clean up!  What is the deal with that??  Why haven't they put any effort into making the outside of The Nose a little easier on the eyes?

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Because the paint job on the Duke hasn't changed its reputation.  

Yes. They do nothing to maintain the exterior, the area beside the building is filled with weeds. Take a little pride in your business and neighbourhood business owners

I am not sure if they are here on the site.  No website from what I can find.  Oh well.  

If it bothers you so much, why don't you go and speak with Gio about it. Please report back and let us know what he said.

I don't think it looks remarkably bad.  Have you gone in and asked Gio?  He'd know the answer to your questions. 

If anything, he nose the answers.  

Not that it's unspeakably bad, just starting to look a little run down and could be so much prettier than it is (especially with regard to the side of the blg running along Leslie).

I think Joe doesn't see it, much like most folks stop seeing things in their own surroundings that start to pile up or get shabby over time.

I'm certain if a few folks pop in and casually remark on the clutter at the side of the building, he'd do something about it. He's a businessman, and a good guy.

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