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I just wanted to write a short note to warn everyone that there was a dog fatality in the neighbourhood this weekend.  The cause of death is unknown and an autopsy was not performed but the dog was young and in good health.  The dog was typically walked in the alleys around our neighbourhood and may have injested a toxic substance.  The symptoms came on very rapidly, vomiting followed quickly by incontinence and seizures which couldn't be controlled by anti-seizure medications that were administered by the vet.

As I said cause of death is unknown and it is possible that the death was congenital, however, the symptoms were also very consistent with poisoning.  I advise everyone to be extra cautious of their dogs (and their outdoor cats) while walking in the alleys, often people carelessly throw things potentially toxic things out that they don't realize could be attractive to animals as food.  It could have been something as simple as a puddle of antifreeze after filling the car reservoir.

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good point Jim, it seems if this is some freak ass sicko asshole doing this that would be a prime spot wouldn't it! I my self always walk my dogs in the alley ways of our hood. This is so upsetting! it doesn't sound like an accident anymore. I just heard from my neighbour on Caroline, that it was on the news last night and there are now 3 dog fatalities. 

They never found the sicko that poisoned the dogs in withrow and high park a couple years back, maybe this is part of it...neighbourhood watch, and stronger animal cruelty laws... since the laws haven't been updated in over 100 years!

Jim said:

Is the backlane being mentioned the one behind Brooklyn ave. where the little dog park is?

I am so so sorry that these families have had to experience something so horrible! We met Amadeus at the brooklyn park a few times, he was a sweet sweet gentle cutie. 

Ruby said:

We knew Cooper and this is so terribly heart breaking.  My heart goes out to the owners.  What a horrible tragedy.  Does anyone know who the third victim is?  There is no mention of the third. ???

Hey folks, suggestion..let's all bring bags with us, and "clean up" as we walk around the hood...especially food items or dog loving items... like a "neighbourhood clean up" I usually do this anyway , and I am sure lot's of Leslievillers do as well. But maybe this is something we can be more vigilant about given the recent possible dog murders. It will send a message, if this is some dog hater (sociopath) doing this he has come up against a strong community of dog family people who are looking out for one another.

Here's the news video about the poisonings:

Jenny said:

Oh, so sad!

What area/cross road did this happen in?

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