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We're going to be moving to Leslieville in the middle of March. We're counting the days!

In addition to that we're arranging the move of all of services. In planning this we discovered that our area will have Bell Vibe TV and Internet service. We currently have Rogers for everything and have been in good stead with them. We are pondering moving our TV and Internet to them, since the service and the deals seem interesting.

I was wondering if anyone in the area has any experience with the Fibe services and it's worth the money, preforms as expect, or any general notes on it.


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Bell Fibe is awesome. You will love it. So much faster than Rogers. Interface is sleek and intuitive. Whole-home PVR will revolutionize your TV watching. And apps built right in to the TV! It really is the future. Have had no performance issues. Bell comes in and sets up everything up, including your remotes and routers. Installation can take some time - for me about 2 hours. But they take their time and do it right. Highly recommend it.

No comparison with Rogers.  Go with FIBE 100%!

It has everything.

Does Bell have On Demand service, or does everything have to be PVR'd?

It definitely has On Demand service - 1) free (CTV, Global etc.), subscription (i.e. HBO and Movie Network), and then VOD movies and series that you pay for a la carte. Their on demand service is very much like Apple TV - incredible interface and very fast.

Interesting.  A Bell rep came door to door last summer selling Fibe and we were very close to signing on the dotted line primarily due to the whole home PVR option.  But when we put our postal code in on the Fibe website to double check availability, we got a not installed in your area message. The door to door rep backtracked and said it was being installed slowly in the neighbourhood. To this day, we still get not available in your area when we check.

Thanks for all the feedback, gang. We were by looking at our house today, and I think I'll be calling Bell soon to get more info about it and what it's going to cost.


Quick question: Does it come in through the phone line to a router?

That's me in the FibeTV print ad!

Giuliano - it comes into your house via phone line, and then is distributed throughout your house via coaxial cable (i.e. as per usual).

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