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Wanted to post a recommendation for a locally owned cleaning service, Gleaming Glenn

We hired the company to start a regular maintenance of our home and the first appointment is an extended length "super-clean" to prep the house for future, shorter appointments. The level of detail was great - fridge and stove were pulled out to have the hidden areas attached, microwave was cleaned inside and out, all out of reach areas were dusted thoroughly, lighting fixtures had covers removed to eliminate bug carcasses, etc.

If you're looking to hire a reputable local cleaner, Glenn is certainly worthy of a call.

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Is this Mrs. Gleaming posting again?  Honestly, how many threads on cleaning people does this site need?  This topic has been exhausted in that other thread.  

Sorry Egg Flik, I now realize that it isn't appropriate to write positive feedback on the services of a local company if there are already reviews posted for other businesses in the same category. Perhaps we should extend this rule to restaurants, bars etc. in order to free up additional reading time?

Again, I apologize for the obvious inconvenience and exhaustion this review has caused.

Actually, you got it wrong.  Write your brains out.  Knock yourself out.  Be my guest.  Be anybody's guest.  But also take the time out to do a quick entry up top to see if it's there.  That way, a 4th thread about the same stuff isn't created.  As well, when you post with two letters, it's easily confused.  And in this case, you've been mistaken for the wife of the guy that you're talking about, trying to avoid actually paying this site for advertising, by posing as someone who ordered their service.    

Sorry again Egg Flik, I didn't realize that board visitors had to click on threads that aren't of interest to them. There should be a way to adjust the settings to avoid this frustration.

I also apologize for choosing a user name consisting of two initials, which is obviously confusing to budding sleuths looking for leads in the "Great Mystery of the Fake Business Endorsement by Operator's Wife Who Wouldn't Think of Using A Less Obvious Alias" caper of 2012.

I'll be sure to change my name so that there is one less red herring cluttering the noble path of the search for the truth. 

Welcome to the Internet.  Use the search box.  It's there for a reason.  Click in it, type words, then hit Return.  That's the setting that you use to avoid the frustration.  What's next?  A thread asking people about new openings in the neighbourhood?  Try to do a little searching on a site before you bust in announcing things.  That goes for here and many other information superhighway world wide web sites.  Back in 1994, this was called "Read the FAQ", and now it's just called "RTFM".  Some people call it common sense. I'm sure you'll apologize for that as well, but I'm just keen on seeing if you've changed your username by that point.  

Good to have you on board, JG.  JayGee might have been something to remember you by.  

Let's step back a minute before I fully absorb your very informative lesson about the origins of the internet. Please explain again why you are so upset about a review of a local business in the "Leslieville Business Reviews" forum of this site?

Because it turns a useful site into a complete mess.  If the next 10 people do the same, it gets quite ugly.  There are tools provided to avoid that, and it's expected people use them.  You keep insisting that it's in line, and it isn't.  Nobody is debating your review in the reviews section.  It's the placement of it.  Is it really that hard to understand, JayGee?  And I'm not "so upset".  You just decided to reply in the way you did.  You're obviously upset I called you on it, but that's what I did.  Oh well, life sucks, roll credits.  

I am glad you finally calmed down. You must be sleepy after dedicating so much energy to this intellectual battle. What lessons did we learn? Gleaming Glenn still provides a great service, you will remain suspicious of anyone posting a good review when they happen to share one letter in common with the business in question, and cat news will remain the most active forum on this website. Can we talk about cat news now?

I would also like to acknowledge the general outrage that followed my posting of a review of a local business in the local business review forum of a neighbourhood website on February 06, 2012. Since that social blunder, my inbox has been swamped with a lone email complaining about what a complete mess I have made of the internet, and about how my initial posting has clogged the forum and resulted in the complete breakdown of the internet at large.

Again, I am sorry.

I am still interested in all cat-related news.

Jaywad Blotonnious (please note the removal of the "g")

Aunt Flo finally on the Greyhound?  We learned you can't reed.  Your lone email?  

Can I use JayGee?  I kinda like it.  

Cats have news...and related news?  

I have jokes, but I won't say.  People get offended when you have ideas, jokes, wit, diversity, perspective, and retrospect, or sincere comment around here.  I guess it's like a box of tissues...nothing negative around here.  

Edit:  AND FEEDBACK!  Shit how did I miss that one?

thanks JG - that's good to know.  Have bookmarked the site.  

My husband and I recently sought out Glenn to render habitable our home that looked as if a herd of graduate students had taken permanent residence. Wow! He did a really terrific job. The place was really in need of DEEP cleaning and Glenn really delivered. His approach was professional, he did what he said he would do, and he worked within our time constraints. The cost was absolutely fair and worth every cent. On top of that, Glenn's a dog lover. What can I say ... we are believers.

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