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I am reluctantly writing a negative review about this contractor although he is used by many in the hood and especially on my street. He's a pleasant guy who I suspect has been going through some tough times.

We hired John Dodds to build a car port in Sept 2011. He had previously built at least half a dozen on our street so we assumed he knew what he was doing. And we had a previous experience with him when he worked for J Co Contracting (no longer in business).

Unfortunately my mother-in-law died suddenly on the same day he was to start so we weren't really paying as much attention as we might have otherwise.

John told us it wasn't necessary to get a permit, only to take photos of the holes that the car port posts were placed into (which he did and we didn't).

We subsequently found out that we did need a permit. By that time John was fully paid and AWOL. 

We hired a designer to do the drawings for the carport so we could get a permit after the fact. At that point we discovered from the building inspector that were many problems with the structure which have to be fixed at our expense. We may have to go so far as to remove the roof completely because the improper beams and slope were used. And on top of everything else we will likely have to jackhammer up the concrete to show that the posts were dug to the proper depth because John as gone missing along with the photos.

Clearly we are at fault for not supervising the project closely enough, but John has not returned our calls and not made any attempt to remedy the problems he created, even by simply dropping the site photos into our mailbox. He has been spotted on the street so he is in town.

If you are considering using JD Renos, please be careful. We hired him simply because so many of our neighbours had - which was a mistake.

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Just as an update to this story. My husband run into John last week.  He was remorseful of his handling of the situation and offered to call me the next day to work out a solution. A week later .... no call and no John. We're certainly not expecting anything at this point.  We've had to hire another contractor to re-build the carport too to city specs and will have to jackhammer up one of the posts to prove that they were dug to the correct depth because John did inform us that he no longer has the photos. It's costing us over 2K (not to mention months of hassle) more for a project that we paid a fair rate for in the first place.

One year later ... and another update.  The carport is finally up to code - at an additional cost of $3800 more than 50% of what we paid in the first place. It may be the most expensive carport in history!  John Dodds of JD Renos did nothing to resolve the situation and we are considering small claims court. A warning to be sure to research your contractor and project carefully before you begin.

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