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Leslie-Jones Restaurant, we just don't hear enough about this place

Another great local restaurant to hit up.  Owner George has been there I believe almost 2 years if not more.  Food is very good and although the menu doesn't change that often, the food is reliable and always well done.  I have pesonally never left feeling disastified.   I love the atmosphere, the wait staff are extremelly friendly, as are the two cooks of course who always greet folks as they come in.  And what is not to say about their great terrace at the back.  I sometimes find themusic a bit loud, but overall wouldn't be the show stopper for me.  

What must be talked about are the deserts made by Georges ' wife which are always amazing....not good for the waist line but great for the taste buds...;-) 

And to George the owner who is always engaged with his clientele and has managed to attract a great local crowd to this restaurant. 

People should try this place if you haven't.  It's local and lets' support the locals.... 

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Here here! Nice back patio too.
Yeah, this place is a real gem, even among the great restaurants we have here in Leslieville. I think they've been there a good 3-4 years now. Love it.
I love the fact that they can drum up some vegetarian dishes on the spot for me.
Are they still cash only? that's the one downside I found to this place.
Yeah, you'll need to stop by the bank machine before dinner!

Jen H said:
Are they still cash only? that's the one downside I found to this place.
Jen H said:
Are they still cash only? that's the one downside I found to this place.

We were in last weekend twice. They're taking credit cards now.
My husband and I are vegetarians. We went to Leslie Jones this past weekend and had the MOST amazing dinner. Ratatouille and the pasta special which was vegetarian. It had been a very long time since we'd been there, but we'll definitely be going more often now! And we LOVED the music! The wait staff could have been a tad more friendly though.

Try it out, if you haven't already Leslievillers! I agree that it doesn't get enough recognition as a great Leslieville spot.
Woohoo! I'll be back then....

Randy Buck said:
Jen H said:
Are they still cash only? that's the one downside I found to this place.

We were in last weekend twice. They're taking credit cards now.
nope now take debit and credit cards, believe visa and mastercard just not Amex.

Jen H said:
Are they still cash only? that's the one downside I found to this place.
Couldn't agree more. As a vegetarian, it's definitely my favourite place to eat in Leslieville. The only downside is that it's getting harder and harder to get a table!

We decided to give Leslie Jones a try after reading the reviews and we were VERY disappointed. Service was incredible slow. It took over an hour for our appetizers which did not fit the description on the menu, and then over another hour for our mains. There was no acknowledgement about why we we had to wait so long and each time we asked they said "it was coming" and then it never came to over 30 minutes later. The patio was almost empty and there were a few open tables in the inside part so imagine how long we would have to wait if it was even longer! The food was super bland, I had smoked chicken pizza, nothing special. My friend's commented their meals were "ok, not worth the wait" and small portions! Apparently the owner/chef was cooking so if he is so skilled in the kitchen, we did not witness it! At the end they presented us with shots as a "opps you had to wait a long time" - we would have preferred acknowledgment during the meal and perhaps a slight discount on the mediocre food. Here to me is the saddest part of this restaurant, I called a few days after to speak to the owner, maybe find out if it was an "off" night and suggest he could ask his staff to acknowledge his customers when they are waiting. His response was yelling at me, and stating we should have just ordered another drink and been grateful for the shots. He was completely abusive to the point where I hung up as I did not expect nor deserve to be spoken to that way. I worked in the industry a number of years and have NEVER had that type of attitude from an owner! How arrogant to think it is ok to speak to people that way? I'm appalled and we will never give Leslie Jones our patronage again!


I have shared my experience with others and I have since learned that I am not alone in having a terrible meal\service here. I would strongly suggest trying some of the other great restaurants that Leslieville has to offer, East Enders, Lil' Baci, Baldini etc. where your patronage will be appreciated!

Leslie Jones was my favourite restaurant in Leslieville for a long time. Last year I tried to take friends there and found they had stopped taking reservations for parties of less than 6 people. I guessed that they were trying to create  line-up out the door reputation. I don't line up for restaurants.

I haven't been back for over a year. It makes me sad to read this review. They had a great menu, great vibe, friendly waiters. It was my go-to place in the 'hood for quite awhile.

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