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Hi there - We have a 3 bedroom house on Hastings. We're looking to have only the main floor and top floor cleaned every 2 weeks. It would also include 1 full bathroom and a small 1/2 bathroom. One of our bedrooms is not used so cleaning would be light. I can't imagine our house would take more than 4 hours to get through. We're willing to pay a max of $80/day. Does anyone have a cleaning person who is thorough, reliable and honest? 


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I am a recent addition to Leslieville - I now work in the area part time. In order to supplement my income, a job such as you offer would be ideal. I have paid and unpaid cleaning experience, and references available that will attest to my cleanliness and meticulousness. I am available anytime between Sunday and Wednesday. You may contact me via email - or telephone - 416 255 6084.


How about me? I've been a cleaner for about ten years and I'm also a published Globe and Mail obituary writer. Interesting combo, don't you think? I've also written and published lots of pieces about housecleaning cum writing. I charge $80 for a four hour shift. I'm strong-like-bull-dyke and live in Leslieville. Phone me at 416-461-2417. Noreen Shanahan
I'm at Queen & Logan and have been using 'The Cleaning Angels' for a few years. We have a 3 storey home, cleaned top to bottom every two weeks.
No complaints.
Hi everyone,

I highly recommend Mona Cleaning ( Full disclosure - I'm their web designer. But I also have Mona Cleaning in my house every-other week, and they're amazing. They only use eco-friendly cleaning products, and they do a very thorough job.


Hi Ashleigh,


I realize this is a very old posting, but thought I would let you know we're here and available should you ever again find yourself in need of a cleaning service.


We have several clients in the Leslieville/Beaches/Danforth neighborhoods and currently have a few openings. Including a Friday afternoon (coveted spot).


We're Clean Freaks Residential Service, Obsessively clean, surprisingly affordable!


Family Pad Cleaning Company is our child specific service for those with Little Ones...



416 358-8467

Hi leslievillers.... I am Gleaming Glenn, I am based in Leslieville and offer a Home detailing service. you may see my performance reviews at the following link: or visit








I live in the area and actually use Mona's cleaning services. They've been fantastic. I would highly recommend them. We've had a few cleaners over the years, and by far, Mona has been the most professional.

Avery said:
Hi everyone,

I highly recommend Mona Cleaning ( Full disclosure - I'm their web designer. But I also have Mona Cleaning in my house every-other week, and they're amazing. They only use eco-friendly cleaning products, and they do a very thorough job.

I tried Mona's and found them to be great the first few times. Then they started cutting corners, not doing a proper cleaning job and left me a note that they were increasing their rates by 30% because it was taking longer to clean my house. Very poor experience!

Hi all


I just saw the discussion above and glad that Gleaming Glenn left his contact info above.  I would highly recommend that you try out Glenn's services - he really does leave your house "gleaming"! :)


I have been very happy with the clean that Glenn gives our house - we come home and it smells naturally minty fresh! He uses all natural cleaners (some of which he created a secret formula himself) so you'll never come home to the smell of bleach and he uses elbow grease to ensure that every crevice is clean.  He routinely pulls out our stove and fridge to ensure that even those corners are clean.  I am pretty picky and I have been very pleased with the clean he gives our house!


Unlike some house cleaners we've had in the past, he efficiently manages his schedule and he will confirm the appointments a few days in advance.  He is easy to get a hold of via email or phone.


Overall, highly recommend Gleaming Glenn - even his name is fantastic! :)

Hi there folks,


This thread is a bit dated so I thought I would see if anyone had any recent / new recommendations - I am looking for a bi-weekly condo cleaning.



Gleaming Glen is the way to go.
We have animals and a toddler so he has his work cut out and he does an amazing job.
Check out his Links.

Thanks Trelawnie!


 I have set up an appointment with him to get a quote.  Anyone else?  Keep the suggestions coming! 


Glen really does sound great but there is a 4 hour minimum which seems perfect for families in homes with kids and pets but maybe not as well suited to a single person with no kids or pets in a condo?  My goal is to have selected a cleaner by next week - I am so over dusting :-)



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