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I know, I know...Mr. Greeks is not the best Greek food the Danforth has to offer.  I know it is like East Side Mario's to Italians, but we order from there because it is easy and the portions are generous.  Tonight...not so much.  I could not believe how little food came in that tin.  I called them and complained.  They explained that they go by standard portions.  And all the other times I have ordered?  I am boycotting Mr. Greeks.  If you have any other Greek delivery ideas, let me know.  I am so done, done, done with Mr. Greeks on the Danforth and I want the world to know! 

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Sorry to hear your experience. I don't think I've ever eaten there.  


Do you need an alternative?  

Go on
Heh. I always liked Astoria. Lamb stix are excellent. The small ain't so small, and I've never had the large. Their Village salad is excellent as well.


Kalyvia is fantastic on The Danforth.  I've lived in the Leslieville and Riverdale area for over 25 years and eat there often.  Their greek dressing and tzatziki is unlike any other I've tried - delectable :-)

Haven't you heard, there's a recession on in Greece :-)

Heh yep.  I know another local "retailer" who is trying to fix the Greek situation through "self-decision'd tips".  

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