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I'm having some difficulty having my concerns heard by Mayor David Miller or my city ward councillor, so I thought this story might be of interest to someone who might be able to help.

I am a taxpaying, law abiding Toronto citizen. Like most city folk, I own a house that has no parking. I recently purchased a parking permit for $150.00 for my area (8D) and have it displayed correctly in my car window. I live on Dundas St. E where there are no signs re. parking restrictions.

For the past 2 evenings I have received $15 parking tickets for being parked in one spot for more than 3 hours. As I'm sure you are aware, permits overrule the 3 hour rule because if they didn't, what would be the purpose of paying $150 for a permit? Of course my car will be parked for longer than 3 is my home, where I live and I am allowed to park my car at my home with the proper permit.

I have quoted the City of Toronto Permit Holders website:

"Though subject to other existing traffic regulations, permit holders generally have the privilege of parking their vehicles overnight and are exempt from the 1, 2, and 3 hour parking restrictions."

Now as a result of Parking Enforcement's inability to understand or follow their own rules, I must go to court, waste my time (only one civic centre in the whole city of Toronto is processing court requests at this time due to the strike), and waste taxpayers' money by fighting to have Parking Enforcement recognize their error. Even going to court, I'm not sure how to guarantee that all Parking Enforcement persons will know to follow the rules and not ticket me in the future.

It seems like a losing battle for me. And I'm sure that is why they ticket. They know it's much harder for people to fight these tickets than pay the $15. I refuse to do this. I am teacher and I have the summer off. I will take this to the highest level and keep fighting the good fight regardless of how pointless it seems.

Parking Enforcement in the city is out of control and they are driving Torontonians out of the city and into the suburbs which contributes to the massive traffic and pollution problem we have in this city.

If there are any suggestions you can make in terms of how to resolve this or who to contact that will actually listen to me, please help!


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We have a woman who works in the neighbourhood park in front of our house all day nearly every day.
She always has a wheelchair sticker displayed in her front window even though she has admitted (during a small argument about parking) that it's her father-in-laws permit. I've called to report her a few times but no one seems to care.
They have been ticketing like crazy the last few weeks. I went to contest a ticket and after arguing with the woman for ten minutes about why I shouldn't have a ticket (we had a permit too), she looked on the system and saw it had been cancelled. Double check with the city to see if the ticket is active.

Our theory is that the parking enforcement probably had to come on a shift to get training in preparation for G20 and then they sent them out to ticket for the rest of their shift rather than send them home.

Parking officers job is to issue tickets, that is their orders. Essentially the prime directive is to shoot first and ask questions later. The buses that hang around the bus station downtown are always ticketed. Several years ago I saw a ticket on a Bell maintenance van that was parked in front of a manhole where work was being done, cones set up and all, I kid you not.
The best way is to file the ticket and chances are it will never see the light of day as the Toronto courts are very busy. I have many tickets that are several years old already so they will never go anywhere.
You can also put pressure on the various officials, to get a change in policy about this.
Another really great way to fight tickets (especially if you don't have the time) is to try
It's amazing! It costs $10 for a parking ticket and $20 for a traffic ticket. They have someone go and actually register your tickets for you:) I've had plenty thrown out, but unfortunately have been getting a couple court dates from last year....

On another note, something should also be done for the people who live on Carlaw. Only having a zone of one street (Carlaw) between Queen and Dundas, and not being able to park between 7-9am on one side and 4-6pm on the other was absolutely horrible! I have since moved and now have an enormous zone, but I still do feel for my old neighbours... something needs to be done, even if it's just extending it up to Gerrard.
Hi Sara.  If the tires on such vehicle were flat, then it would get towed.  I'm sure they go flat from time to time, right?  Heh.  

Sara said:
Try having a big ugly van parked in front of your house that is used as storage. It is never ticketed (even though it has not moved in three years) because it has a wheelchair sign. Even though the owner NEVER...and I mean NEVER uses the eye sore, stores crap in it, doesn't have a license and his disabled partner is too sick to even drive. Now that is annoying.
Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention, you can scan and submit your paperwork for challengeable tickets online.  Where, I don't know, but I read about it recently.

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