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I wasexcited to see that the corner of Carlaw and Colgate was finally going to be developed.  Now that Ihave seen the building design though, I realize that good design is still a long way from the norm in Toronto.  That is the ugliest new building I have seen.  It looks like a cheap precast concrete or stucco  mini-storage building, which I suppose it is in a way.

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No, it'll get started, they wouldn't have tarped the perimeter otherwise (they did a terrible job at that too, lol). Unfortunately as long as the builder has the money, they can build a fully vacant building if they want. My concern is that when this building is finished, we're going to have a flood of builder inventory on the market.

Great.  So Leslieville is indeed going for that Ajax look.  Ugly and empty.  

Ara, any news on the DeGrassi & Dundas location?  

One development doesn't make or break a neighborhood, but I hear ya. 

I wonder what type of people are attracted to Showcase - will it be mostly investors renting out their units to a younger demographic (students, transient film and tv industry people) or first-time buyers just trying to get a foothold in the neighborhood?  My wife and I were like that when we bought in the Printing Factory in May 2007.  Fell in love with the hood and couldn't afford a house.  Here we are 5 years later, still love the hood, still can't afford a house.  There's a semi at the south end of Boston which just went up for sale for $750K... 

Scratch Egg said:

Great.  So Leslieville is indeed going for that Ajax look.  Ugly and empty.  

Two individual locations that have recent attention are the SE corner of Queen & Pape, and The Real Jerk.  Oh, and the Film lands.  I'm sure people know my reservations about the top of Carlaw.  Erosion of a neighbourhood by those stemming to make money from it, happens one by one.  The Showcase Lofts are one such place.  They haven't met standards, and even lowballing their prices hasn't worked.  

I think the foothold strategy is right on.  For the developers, it's an easy sell, but only if there's a market.  I doubt it will remain empty.  Only when I bought here in Leslieville have I started to look at locations & neighbourhoods from a home-owner standpoint.  As well, I now realize how bad our individual layers of government are.  

According to this thread at UrbanToronto, that development at Queen & Pape is once again dead, and will remain an unfinished eyesore for some time as there are liens against the property.

Just what that intersection needs.  Time for a bankruptcy and a fire sale.  The new "Real Jerk Building".  Heh.  

Not only these developers and city destroy agricultural aspect of Leslieville also will create big problem on public transportation.. How will city handle public transportation along dundas and queen once all these condos built.???.. Probably population will double up in next ten years in Leslieville but how about public services... Absolute crap...

Ali, it will prove entertaining to say the least.  But of course, today's City Councillors will be long gone, with their annual pensions, offloading this type of decision to another generation.  And everybody will have made their money and it will not be their responsibility.  It's the Sheppard subway line all over again.  

Whatever happened to the Stage East Lofts on Queen, east of Leslie?    Their is still a sign, but nothing has happened for years. 

I love how this thread gets going every now and then. It's no secret that I'm a proponent of development (when done well of course) and I am mostly happy with what is happening in Leslieville (minus the Showcase Debacle, which to answer your question Simon was mostly bought by investors except for the 3 bed units that when sold will be bought by families etc..).

The site at Queen E and Laing could have been something special but is buried in liens and lawsuits in the hands of a broke developer. Pape and Queen (here's my blog about that one:

And then there's Stage East, Nelias, the developer just sold too cheap and made material changes to the plans that allowed buyers to back out. There may be a few buyers still hanging on but when I worked for Brad Lamb the general consensus was that it was a dead development and they were just trying to shake a few buyers. Shame b/c it's a nice site that deserves some love.

Scratch, you're right, Queen and Pape would be a great new location for The Real Jerk. Too bad the developers of that site are broke and for some reason can't sell the site. One of my sources, a prominent developer mentioned the above post mentioned that when his company tried to buy the site they couldn't follow though because of "shady developer issues" must be something preventing the sale. (Here's a post I wrote about the Real Jerk situation:

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