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Had a couple of afternoon meet-ups at Stratenger's this summer, and general thought was that we might get better attendance if we had an evening meeting in the fall -- maybe one of the meeting rooms at the Ralph Thornton Centre, maybe have a speaker in to talk about a topic for a half-hour, followed by coffee and networking.

Is there interest? Let me know. We could shoot for an evening near the end of September.

Ben was involved in a small business association before he moved to Leslieville, and there are definitely some things that would be beneficial: we could have speakers in on a regular basis, network regularly, and start to take advantage of each other's skill set.

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Sounds like a great idea but Sept. is insane for me so I may look to Oct. or Nov. to attend.

Fahmida Bhabha
Art of Movement Pilates Plus

Hi Pat,

Sounds like a great idea and if I'm available I would definitely attend!

Thanks for putting it out there.



Hi Pat, 


Great to meet you, and hi to Jenn - love this idea of connecting with people in the 'hood.  It's a great thing.  I'm going to be posting some workshops shortly - and have some great news from a little tiny client of 9 who just won the Rising Star competition and $1500... rather proud of her!


I do public speaking coaching and singing performance coaching as well.  More information at Voice Empowerment -  I work offsite a great deal, in the Annex, and in the hood, depending on the project.


Looking forward to meeting with you all!  

Mary Michaela Weber



That sounds like a wonderful idea; I'm in. I've been hoping for an opportunity to connect with other small business owners in the area. September may be a bit tough for me too, but please do keep us posted!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Reesa Del Duca

Ballyhoo Society Graphic Design

I would be interested! Julie from Atelier Jewellery Boutique

I would be interested in this, I'm new to Leslieville and just getting started up.

Laura Bowman

Bowman Law Office (

OK, looks like we've got critical mass. Let me try to get us a room at Ralph Thornton.

I've gotten us pencilled in on the Ralph Thornton calendar for Wednesday, September 29th, 7pm-8:30pm.

It's tentative until I go over there on Monday and fill out forms and get approval :-)

Please pencil the date and time on your calendar!

Unfortunately I'm out of town from the 28th - October 4th. Count me in for the next meeting though!

Love this idea. Everything I pruchase I try to keep as close to home as possible in order to keep a propsperous neighborhood with thriving business'. I'm in 100%!

It's booked and confirmed! Ralph Thornton Centre, 2nd floor, 7-8:30pm on Wednesday, September 28th. There will be chairs to sit in, and a table to put business cards or pamphlets. Bring your own coffee/tea/water, let's figure out what, if anything, we want to do together on a regular basis. Hope to see you there!
That's great! Look forward to meeting everybody.


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