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STOP Group Home for Recovering Drug Addicts across St. Joseph's Catholic School

Hello Leslievillers, 

I wanted to inform you of the very soon to be implemented plans of our neighbour who lives across St. Joseph's Catholic School.

The owner of the house, a flipper who has been renovating and living in his house for the last 2 years, is ready to turn his newly renovated 2- apartment house, into a recovery home for 10 male drug addicts plus one staff member. He had been told by whomever organizes these types of things that as long as it is a single family dwelling, he can do this. Therefore, he was planning on removing his upstairs kitchen to accommodate the criteria necessary to receive the government rental funding (one " family " sharing a single kitchen)  which would give him three times the revenue than if he decided to rent it as two units.


As to be expected, the neighbours around this house are all strongly opposed to this happening at the top of our street especially because 17 are children living within feet of his house, and we are finding it extremely hard to accept this man changing our neighbourhood  fabric  simply because the government will pay him handsomely, while he moves away. 

One of these above-mentioned neighbours wrote a letter representing seven families to Peter Tabuns early June asking advice and to see if any applications had been made for any construction. We have been told that there is no evidence of any zoning change applications or COA asks for single family construction permits for this property at this moment.


Another huge concern is that my kids' school, St Joseph's, is directly across the street from this property, and all the bus-transported children get dropped off IMMEDIATELY in front the property. It seems to me like a very poor choice of locale.

We have been informed that this kind of home will require 2 parking spots (1 spot / 5 people) so they will have to apply for a parking variance, as the  house with no parking spots. I am wondering how that will pan out our street is already short of parking spots. This is also not taking into consideration the new development of 56 units from Towns of Curzon. 


I understand the importance of having a place for a subsidized recovery centre, but am adamant that a quiet residential street directly across from a school is not the answer. 


We have chosen Leslieville as the home for our kids' development and nurturing. Any downtown, urban environment has its challenges for raising kids. However, a home for 10 recovering drug addicts right next door to our children is not what we had in mind and I feel It is my job as a parent to protect and provide them with a safe upbringing.


The owner of this house feels very strong about doing this and we are looking for all the help and support from our community to stop this from happening.



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