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What is happening with the heritage store fronts on Queen? I am concerned about the store front on Queen at Boulton on the south side of the street. It used to be the location for Anne Belter wedding dress designer. I recently walked by to see a partially unveiled look at what appears to be a Coffee Time or something less classy. This was one of the best kept historic storefronts in the area. It has now been butchered into something you would expect in a strip mall in the suburbs. Isn't there something in place to protect the integrity of our neighbourhood? Where is our  city councilor? 

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But the wedding dress store actually moved into the old Coffee Time in the bank building at Dundas and Broadview....

I haven't seen the finished product at the former bridal shop, but several businesses along the strip (Pari Discount, Ruby Eats, MacFab and others) have been significantly improved via a city grant program. Look for the gold and black signs in the front windows.

I'd heard it's going to be a real estate office. And I agree, the neighbourhood has lost some of its charm with some of the new business' contemporary design choices for windows and storefronts. Some are well-thought out, some are just bland and commercial. The streetscape is definitely less charming with businesses like the Flight Centre and other character-less additions. I kind of liked it when the area was a suitable location for films like "Cinderella Man", but so it goes.

Yeah, so it goes. Unfortunately its happening all over the city. But our little corner of it still has some of that charm left and it should at least be respected. A real estate firm of all the businesses should have more sensitivity to an issue of this nature. Given that it is this very character that draws a home buyer to the area its ironic that  they would strip it away. We fought off Walmart years ago because we didn't want our area gentrified and to lose the character of Queen. But it seems to be happening a little bit at a time anyway. I live on a street that is certified as heritage there are pluses and minuses and I know first hand the process is arduous to navigate. But I would hope that with the nature of the business community in the neighbourhood and how it is integrated to the community that there could be some sort of code of ethics to prevent this from happening. 

I noticed the horrendous red and white being painted last week and nearly crashed my car! I walked by today and it seems as though the new tenant has come to their senses. Got rid of the ridiculous colours and is now much more in line with the rest of the street. They seem to be working on some sort of moulding. Looks a million times better now anyway. 

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