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On our nightly walk in the hood we checked out the Cottage.
It is right next to The Simple Cafe which is also a nice hang out. Great cupcakes!!
The owner Patrick was extremely friendly even although he was up to his ying yang in work.
It is going to be a great place to eat and drink, lots of atmosphere.
Being from the other side of the pond myself it feels like an authentic pub. Original walls, floors, beams, nothing fake.
Can't wait for it to open in approx. 2 weeks.
Bring on the Oysters and Guiness and all the other great food.
His Chef Kyle is from his other place Starfish, so you know it is going to be awesome food.

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We stopped by tonight too. He must be sensing the excitement growing in the neighbourhood around their opening. We're looking so forward to it.
That place has been in the works for a while - I think it was originally supposed to open in March or April, not too long after the Roy. Am glad to hear its opening soon, since I definitely am keen to try it out. Love the atmosphere he's going for, and am very excited about the Oysters!
I got this off of their website. Sounds interesting, can't wait for it to open!
I heard a rumour that this joint is open now. Anybody able to confirm?
Yes! The actual name is the Ceili Cottage, and it opened yesterday evening. I believe they'll have their full food and drinks menu available this evening.

Check it out, it's a great place with a lovely patio.
Excellent! Looking forward to checking it out.
I had dinner there tonight. It was really nice. It's still pretty new so the staff is learning the menu and how things will work but they're friendly and honest and the place has a really nice feeling about it. The menu is quite varied and the food was good.
I'll be back .... often.....embarrassingly often.
One suggestion - Please keep a water dish or two outside the fence for the dogs who end up tethered there.
Three of us ate there on July 3. Food quality very high, none of the usual greasy pub fare (which can be good it that's what you want). We had a delicious onion soup or the non-gunky variety, sublime smoked salmon platter, sausage with mac & cheese, and a dozen Malpeques.

Because the restaurant was run off its feet and still shaking down, service was sllllooow. But Patrick McMurray knows his business and is utterly dedicated to quality and conviviality, so I expect these bumps to be resolved... few restaurants can cope with an onslaught brought on by great reviews and people eager to try the latest place. Yes it's an Irish bar, but as similar to pre-packaged "Irish pubs" as Captain Crunch is to a bowl of steel cut oatmeal.
Nancy, I'll probably see you there then. I was there again last night with some folks, and it was busy. We had to wait for a table at 12:30 am. The O'Brien's Stout they have is delicious. Patrick was working hard, people were having a great time, and the staff were diligent at serving. If he can get his staff fired up, I think it's a smart strategy.
They are quickly using up the slack that people have cut them. We see a lot of promise and really, really want it to be a place we can hang out but the issues are wide-ranging - service, menu choices, service, quality of food, service, reliable hours, service and even cleanliness of tableware. Fix the service issues and a lot of the rest of it will settle down and/or be forgiven.
I'm still hopeful but I won't go back for a few weeks.
We went by a couple of nights ago. The beer was great. The vibe even better. Patrick was a great host. Yes, the portions are small, and there is little "cheese" in the mac 'n cheese, but, otherwise, we are happy to have a pub in the 'hood that isn't sprung from a box. Best of luck.
It's got that "raw" flavour to it, as I put it. I am still wondering if I could eat 100 oysters. Apparently the world record is 233 in 3 minutes.

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