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Dropped by The Jerk on Thursday Jan 5 and the lovely ladies there told me that at the end of January they will be closing. Seems the building was sold. They didn't know much else but I speculate some condo's will be popping up as that whole stretch of Broadview is currently a construction zone. 

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That really sucks - I like that place.  Although, given the size of that building and its location, I can see the owner wanting to cash in by selling to a developer.  ?  That said, if they do build a condo at that spot, that will be a very busy intersection in a few years, what with all the other condos being built in that spot.  Guess we'll have to just wait and see what comes next.


Do you know if they're closing for good or simply moving locations?


I hope they relocate. When I first moved into the area, pre-"Leslieville", The Real Jerk was the north side of Queen between Greenwood and Hiltz. I don't know how long they'd been there at that time (1986).  Even though I don't eat there, I hope they relocate. They're part of the neighbourhood. I'll miss their smiling sun wall too.

Confirmed they are reluctantly closing.  The owner of their building sold and the new owner essentially gave them a month to vacate - apparently they hope to build condos.  They are actively scouting a new location but no guarantees of them staying in the 'hood.  If anyone knows a vacancy in the area and would like them to stay local, please let me know and I would be happy to pass it along. Three more Irie Okee Thursdays! Let's be sure to support them to let them know we want them in the east end! 

Wow.  Jason, thanks for the post.  Time to visit the Real Jerk!  

Nancy (Hiya Nancy!), I was introduced to TRJ back then at that time.  Ed, the owner, still recognizes me.  I told him about my first time at his Queen East East location, and he said "wow, that was a long time ago".  I too hope they are moving somewhere else and not closing down for good.  

What we need in Leslieville/Riverside is more condos.  I mean, the hundreds of new places at Carlaw & Dundas aren't enough.  We need thousands of new condo units, not hundreds.  The Lever plant should become nothing but condominiums.  100 storeys tall, I say.  

I just wonder where they're going to get good food in the neighbourhood.  

JK - Please do pass along neighborhood enthusiasm for them to stick around!  (I looked for an email address or comments page on their website but didn't see one.)  We could definitely use more restaurants on Gerrard near Jones, and there appear to be plenty of vacancies...

If condos are going up at Queen and Broadview, let's agitate for ground floor retail!  

The Real Jerk site seems to be the last piece of the puzzle for the developer. The dilapidated eyesore of a funeral home and the run down BMO along with the Real Jerk site will be a fantastic development. Actually it would be nice if part of the BMO bldg could be incorporated into the new development, it's a nice building just needs a bit of TLC. Density restrictions on Queen are much tighter than those at Dundas and Carlaw. Not sure if it's going to be too tall (I'd max it at 7 stories). Main level retail is almost a guarantee. Unfortunately Scratch, being this close to downtown this development is inevitable (and so are the many that are to follow).

I for one am happy to see that corner get cleaned up. I would also like to see the local business stay local. I'm sure the restauranteurs will find a great spot close by.

How can design restrictions be higher in a much busier street than Carlaw & Dundas?  That makes no sense at all.  So perhaps along Dundas, around Bolton, they can shove in 30 storeys?  So you think over 7 storeys is too tall, but eleven or twelve amongst residential homes is not.  

I find it truly sad what's going on up Carlaw.  The two current buildings tower above everything else in the neighbourhood, and there's a larger taller building in the works.  I have not heard anybody that's against development.  Everybody expects it, including me.  But the Carlaw developments are truly too large.  The first building has already increased wind to the point it blows stuff off the bar's patio.  I guess that study wasn't done right, or it was not taken serious.  Now there's another building just as high, and another that's going up higher.  Carlaw is now a tunnel and is getting more shadowed in.  Lots of downtown much closer to downtown is not being developed.  

Condos do not make a neighbourhood.  Liberty Village feels like a Pizza Pizza.  It's sterile, and definitely not a destination.  And if you take restaurants like The Real Jerk, and shove them into those little cans you usually find Sketchley Cleaners parked in (waterfront retail is a joke), then it's just another fast food joint.  

One complete failure is that stupid new tower in the Distillery District.  They took down several aging buildings from the distillery and they're shoving up that ugly thing.  Nice to see developers destroying Toronto's history to shove in condos that celebrate the very history they destroy.  

Not to mention these people will ride the Queen or King cars?  LOL it's too tempting to not see all this gel in front of our wonderful smart politicians.  

Out of curiosity, what do you think will go into the Lever lands?  

Hey Leslievillians, Joana Lavoie here from the Beach-Riverdale Mirror.

I'm doing a little article about the unfortunate demise of The Real Jerk.

Any community members want to share a few thoughts?

Call or email me ASAP.

Thanks, Joanna Lavoie


twitter: @BchRivMirror 

You can use my posts if you like.  I first met the owner 27 years ago, if I recall correctly.  I really want them to re-open locally.  

thanks - what is your real name and how long have you lived in the area/where do you live by closest intersection - minor details for my story...

best, j.

Scratch Egg said:

You can use my posts if you like.  I first met the owner 27 years ago, if I recall correctly.  I really want them to re-open locally.  

I do not reveal myself.  I have lived here just over 3 years though.  If you need real names, I can't help you.  Sorry.  

Its bad enough the Jerk will have to move. But whats worse is the "it" factor that makes this neighbourhood great is being demolished and gentrified to obscurity. Who will want to live here than?

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