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I went to The Roy last night. I can see this is going to become a regular haunt. It was crazy busy there. Every table full, standing area full. Noisy. But what a great atmosphere. The decor is very relaxing - dark wood, interesting but not attention grabbing stuff on the walls. I can see it being the kind of place that I would be comfortable whiling away an evening, enjoying a some drinks, some food and some good company. People visited friends/neighbours at other tables. The service was great - casual, friendly, very well timed and he knew his menu and so was able to answer questions. I didn't care for the nachos I ordered. Even though the menu clearly said it was tortilla chips, I was surprised not to see corn chips - my fault entirely. And who orders nachos at an English pub anyway? I take full responsibility. My friends loved their food and I will definitely be ordering the fish'n'chips next time. One word of advice on the food - come hungry. Nice big portions.
The neighbourhood has been hungry for a place like this for a while. A casual place with great atmosphere within walking distance. The owners must be thrilled with the success. We're thrilled to finally have a local pub.

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We started going but found the food very disappointing and the service very slow - we stood behind the bar for 20 min before anyone even approached us and offered a drink before a table would be ready!
I'm not sure what happened to my last reply... I think the Roy is great. I love the atmosphere. The food, not gourmet, but good pub food as expected. I always order the chicken club with sweet potato fries, and I'm never disappointed. The owners are warm and welcoming and that means alot. Love the place.
I guess I'd agree...I'm in there 4-5 times a week!
You know, I had a few meals there that I wasn't impressed with, shortly after it opened. But now, I've definitely settled on my faves at this spot: scotch egg with some homemade branston pickle, or their version of a Cobb salad. Egg for winter, salad for summer. These are good things.

I give up on the Roy.  Every time I got something other than a burger I was disappointed: frozen peas and carrots that were so crunchy as to be raw as "side veggies", under-seasoned chunks of tough meat under puff pastry as a "meat pie", a curry that was suspiciously similar to a doctored up jar of Tikka Masala sauce from the grocery store...

I went last night for a burger since I could count on the patty being made from good quality, Rowe Farms meat.  I was surprised when it was ready in 10 minutes flat.  After one bite I could tell it was a pre-made, possibly previously frozen patty. A peek under the bun revealed a completely grey patty with a reddish glaze on it, similar to M&M Meat shops frozen patties.  That's the last straw for me, I think.

I have not been back since the rude owners "shhhhhh"ed me on St. Patrick's day 3 years ago.  From what I've heard, others have had similar negative experiences with the proprietors. Happy to take my business elsewhere.

Likely that was Mark ... he is a piece of work - exactly the reason I never go back - he is not someone who should be running the place ...
JK said:

I have not been back since the rude owners "shhhhhh"ed me on St. Patrick's day 3 years ago.  From what I've heard, others have had similar negative experiences with the proprietors. Happy to take my business elsewhere.

Well having frequented the Roy on several occassions, the food the last several visits has been less than stellar.  In fact now found McGugans at the corner of Gerrard and Jones, which is certainly going to give the Roy a ride for it's money especially at it relates to food quality .  Looks like a change in the kitchen at the Roy might be in order to make this place a little more competitive and interesting.

@Andre... I've had similar (possibly worse) experiences at The Roy: Quesidia's with no filling, nachos that looked and tasted like they came from a 7/11. Odd-tasting beer. There's more, but I won't go on about it here. I was never a fan nor a regular at the place — faux Britannia leaves me cold in pretty much all its forms— but the Roy is handy to my home and I do like some of the staff. Sadly, I've pretty much written it off.

Time for you "Roy" folks to move to McQueen's. Was there Friday night and it was hoppin'! Staff is not rude either!

I agree it has a good atmosphere but as a new parent I was disappointed about their strict NO Stroller policy (not even folded in a corner!!).

Wings nights on Monday's and Wednesday's keep us going back!  $6/pound.  You can't go wrong.

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