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Gerrard Square wasn't on their initial list of Target conversions (but other locations relatively closeby were.) Do we get Walmart now? Time for the local anti-Walmart forces to swing back into action? (Maybe an inquiry to the Gerrard Square owner would be the best first step.) 


Target Canada to Transfer Rights of Certain Canadian Leasehold Interests to Walmart Canada

2011-06-24 19:00:00.480 GMT

Target Canada to Transfer Rights of Certain Canadian Leasehold Interests to

Walmart Canada

Business Wire

MINNEAPOLIS -- June 24, 2011

Target announced today that Target Canada has reached an agreement to transfer to Walmart Canada the rights for leasehold interests in up to 39 sites, currently operated by Zellers Inc. Specific locations will be identified later this fall. Terms of this transaction were not disclosed.

The sites are among the up to 220 possible sites whose leasehold interests Target is acquiring as part of a real estate transaction announced in January.

In May, Target selected its initial group of 105 sites, the vast majority of which will become Target stores. Target plans to announce the selection of a second group of sites this fall and expects to open 100 to 150 Target stores throughout Canada beginning in 2013.

About Target

Minneapolis-based Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT) serves guests at 1,755 stores in 49 states nationwide and at In addition, the company operates a credit card segment that offers branded proprietary credit card products.

Since 1946, Target has given 5 percent of its income through community grants and programs; today, that giving equals more than $3 million a week. For more information about Target’s commitment to corporate responsibility, visit

For more information, visit


Target Corporation

Target Communications:

Amy Reilly, 612-761-6782


Investor Communications:

John Hulbert, 612-761-6627


Target Media Hotline, 612-696-3400

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I didn;t see the protest against Walmart as an entity, it was against the use of land that would result in milions of car trips, more divide between the city and the water, 2000 parking spots and general poor design.


The argument at the time by the pro big box crowd was that people had to go to Scarborough or Etobicoke to go to Walmart, but they failed to mention that there is a Zellers Gerrard Square, which is also one of the 'discount retailers'.


As long as there is a tenent in that space, I am content. They have done a very good job transitioning Gerrard Square to what it is today, but It would also help to have some connetion with Gerrard St, like doors into the Zellers directly from the sidewalk would help with movement in the mall.

Wouldn't surprise me if that happens - Walmart is probably more in character with Gerrard Square than Target.  The efforts to make that mall more upscale really haven't come to fruition from what I can tell.  Personally I'd still prefer to see Target, but given this deal, it wouldn't surprise if Walmart ends up there after all. 

If that were to happen, why would there be a need for the anti-Walmart forces to swing into action?  It would just be a coversion of one discount department store into another, within a well-established shopping mall.  Its not even close to comparable to the Smart Centre on Eastern scenario.  What's the harm to the neighborhood? In fact, if Walmart is determined to come into this neck of the woods, isn't it better they go to an already established mall than trying to greenfield (or brownfield) a space? 

I dunno - my opposition to Wal Mart was because the development of another new big box was going to add more retail, more traffic, more congestion, more crazy to the neighborhood.  If it's a retail 'swap' (WM for Zellers) - not such a concern from my perspective as long as Gerrard Square doesn't start piling more floors of parking on top of their existing lot.  I know WM turns a lot of folks off - and I'm no fan of a lot of their policies - but our choice in a free market society is:  if we don't like 'em,  we don't have to shop there.  My choice is still to support local independent businesses whenever possible - that will keep them open and available to us regardless of whether a WM moves in or not.  
What the others have said. It's not the same situation at all. But if it does become a Wal-Mart, I won't be shopping there, because I disagree with their policies. There are no grounds in terms of zoning on which they can be fought as a tenant in Gerrard Square, if indeed they are a potential one. That's yet to be discovered.

Value Village on Queen E has more charm than Zellers at G-square.  Heck - Horizons had more charm. And I for one have no problem with G-square aiming for a bit better than the dollar store clientele. I appreciate the Winners, Staples (although overpriced)...  The area could use a Target or Walmart.  And a Chapters.  And a YMCA.  And a Futureshop/Bestbuy - unless everyone is happy with The Source at G-square...

Let's get rid of that damn stench, then worry about other issues please.


The grocery section at a Walmart is bigger than the whole Zellers at Gerrard Square. More likely it would be turned into a Marshalls. They got rid of the pizza place that made the mall smell like rotten feet but the health food store still has a funk coming off of it.

Apparently Walmart is launching a bunch of "urban" stores that have a smaller footprint, so Gerrard Square would be a likely candidate for that type of store.   I'm guessing that it would have a pared down selection, similar to the smaller "urban" Home Depot that is at Gerrard Square as well.    I'm not a fan of Walmart at all, but anything is better than the Zellers that's currently in the space!

Wal-Mart Canada will launch a new store format, called “Urban 90,” in east Toronto in January, the company has confirmed.

The urban Wal-Mart stores will likely compete more with other big-box stores than local shops. 

Looks like Walmart is going into Gerrard Sq...
I welcome Walmart to the community.   Dr. Suzuki is backing them;  minimum wage has increased;  lots of company's (including local business) are selling "sweat-shop" items;  they are more likely to employ seniors and people who are disabled.  I think the "war against Walmart" is over. 
Now, lets lobby for a YMCA in the area.  I truly think we could use it.

Hi, Peter. Welcome to the Leslieviller!

I was rather surprised to hear that David Suzuki is backing Walmart, and went searching. I can find no record of David Suzuki backing Walmart. He spoke at their Green conference, but his words didn't back the company and the way it acts. When I search the David Suzuki foundation for Walmart, I don't find any statements supporting Walmart's way of doing things or the company itself.

They're clearly unsustainable in the views of David Suzuki, and his put-down of the triple bottom line (where environment is only one of three items taken into account) would seem to bolster a viewpoint of his antipathy to the organization.

More data from someone who attended the conference is here:

What is the source of this statement, please?




Peter C. said:

I welcome Walmart to the community.   Dr. Suzuki is backing them;  minimum wage has increased;  lots of company's (including local business) are selling "sweat-shop" items;  they are more likely to employ seniors and people who are disabled.  I think the "war against Walmart" is over. 

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