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Hello Leslievillers!

Needless to say, I'm pretty amazed at how many of you have joined this online community in its infancy. The "plan" was to build up a base of content before promoting the site to new members, but all of you keeners arrived early! :)

That's wonderful news though. It is early validation of my belief that Leslieville is a very social, engaged bunch of neighbours that will embrace new ways to communicate and interact.

So while the content and member list continue to grow, your input, suggestions, and contributions are sought and welcome!

Thanks for becoming an early supporter of the newest facet of our community, and congrats on being one of the "first 100" settlers.


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This forum is a great idea! My wife (also a member) and I moved here about a year ago and we love Leslieville. It such a great neighborhood and we really love how proud people are to live here and how much Leslievillers support the businesses in this neighborhood. We're always bringing our friends to East side to show them what's what. We consider ourselves huge cheerleaders for Leslieville and this site will only help. With all the members joining, I'm sure the content will get more robust in no time.

Good on ya, and welcome to the neighborhood!
Thanks for the welcome, Chris! We have quite a few friends who've lived in the neighbourhood for a while now, so have been out to visit from time to time. It's really great to be living here. It really does feel like a small town within the big city.

I'm very happy with the way things have gone on the site over the past couple weeks. I look forward to watching it continue to grow and become a tool for us all to use. I really love the idea of an online social network connecting real people in a real community...sort of turns the model on its head compared to how most online socializing works, with complete strangers using fake names and profiles to interact with people they will never meet in person.
Hi Nolin
I've been in Leslieville since before it was known as Leslieville. I used to tell people I live in that no-name area between the Beaches and Riverdale. It's always been a cool place to live. Close to the Parkway and Lakeshore, 24 hr TTC on Queen, big park with a pool, cool schools. What we were missing in the early days was restaurants, bars and neighbourhood shops to mosy through. It's been great to watch the area evolve and become the darling of the city.
Why did I come to Leslieville? It was the only place I could afford.
Why did I come to The Leslieviller? I love the "neighbourhood" feeling that has sprung up around here and want to encourage and support it.
Thanks for setting up the site Nolin. I think it is a great way to get to know your neighbours, at least digitally. Perhaps there can be a Lesliviller get together sometime.
Since there is a great deal of value in keeping this sort of thing going please let me know if I can help out in any way.
Hi Greg - We have a Patio Club and meet on the patios of Leslieville at 2:00 on Saturdays in the summers. This week we will be meeting at Stratengers tomorrow at 2:00. I won't be there this week but hopefully someone will flag you down or they'll have a L sign on the table.
Keep an eye on this site. We'll post locations each week. You're right, it's a great group and it's good to meet neighbours and and try out the patios in our many bars and restaurants.
I wasn't sure if you meant why did I come to the site or to the neighborhood. :)

I came to the site because I was googling for mom's groups in the neighborhood.

I moved to Leslieville about ten years ago. We moved into our present house (the old Carey Limo Dispatch center) about 8 years ago. It's a good neighborhood and certainly experiencing some changes in the last few years. The only negative I have is that we still get some petty crime. Just this weekend someone bashed out the side window of a car belonging to one of my neighbors and spray painted another neighbor's garage. I suppose every neighborhood though has some of that these days.
Then I didn't have to build it myself. Neat stuff. I thought the hood would have been pretty Internets savvy, and would be nice to meet people online, and show why I like my new home in this great place.

Just out of curiosity, any ideas on how to promote the site, via stickers or something for retail windows? Kind of like an online BIA type of thing.
Lots of ideas...and always welcoming more!

Right now it's not generating any cashflow...still working on an advertising program that works for local businesses and isn't too intrusive for the residents/members. Once the operating costs are covered and there's a bit of cash flow for marketing, things like storefront decals etc. will definitely be forthcoming.

The Leslieville Stomp was our first foray into building awareness proactively... and we ended up attracting another 150 or so members as a result. So the community is growing at a nice pace here, and hopefully will continue to do so.
Tango Palace is open until 11pm on some days (I think) and they have kick ass lemon squares. The first few get togethers of the book club were held there and when we used to leave (around 9ish) it was always still busy.
I was excited to find the site. My husband (Jon) and I and our two kitties are moving to Leslieville this coming Monday, and are really looking forward to being a part of a community, after 4.5 years in condos. I'm an East Coast girl, and have really missed the 'neighbourhood' feel while living downtown - looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends!

Once we get moved in and settled, we'll be out exploring all of the wonderful things Leslieville has to offer, including all of the parks and shops! Jon and I are big diner fans, and can't wait to try out all of the local places!
Welcome to the neighbourhood and our online community, Robin! If you like the combo of downtown and neighbourhood feel, I think you'll be very happy with you new area. :)
Our family moved to Leslieville because it was affordable - this was back in 1987. I remember when the street signs got the designation "Leslieville". From what I can remember it was the people (the Brackens I think) who originally started the ETC News (now defunct I gather) that got that ball rolling.

We found our street neighbours very friendly right from the start. And we have gathered more friends locally just by walking around the area and up and down our streets. We have amazing neighbours beside us, behind us and over next block.

Nancy was a found treasure through another friend, how amazing and great that she lived on the next block!

And now with this site, more things to do with our neighbours!

I love that the streetcar is 24 hours (and so far we don't have to worry about short turns - new schedule coming up I understand...), highway is close by (and glad the extension on the Gardiner came down as it was very ugly before), I'm not so keen on the Canadian Tire, etc. stuff over at Lakeshore & Leslie though. Love that the bike trail is close by, have loved to ride our bikes over the trail and through to the "elephant teeth" on the lower Don Trail - so close to home. Love that the Leslie Street spit is so close by also.
I love our Sweet Bliss bakery, Pentimento Gallery, Parts Gallery, Cream Dairy, all the restaurants, Film Buff, library, etc. etc.

How many people can say they can walk out their front door to everything and anything they want.
I could go on and on!

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