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Hi Officer Rob,


Over the last two weeks, there have been a number of drug needles found (usually early morning) by dog walkers behind the ice skating rink and behind the baseball diamond in Jimmy Simpson park.


At this location in Jimmy Simpson park at night this area is very dark, as the 2 park lights aren't working.  There seems to be a number of people going to this location after dark. As well as runners making deliveries on bikes to this corner of the park.


I'm hoping the bike patrol can once in a while check this area.


thank you



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Thanks for posting this, Jan. Who should we contact to get the lights that aren't working fixed? Perhaps more can be added to discourage this behaviour.

Good thinking! Here's a link:


Re: park lights it says:

"If your request is concerning a traffic light or a light in a park, please call 311 (from within Toronto only) or 416-392-CITY (2489). Toronto's 311 service is available for general inquiries and service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week"


We had one out in our alleyway last year, called them, and it was back on within a day.

Rachel said:

Thanks for posting this, Jan. Who should we contact to get the lights that aren't working fixed? Perhaps more can be added to discourage this behaviour.

Hi Jan


I have forward your concerns on to both our Community Response Unit as well as our plain clothes officers.


Officer Rob

You can also drop an email or a call to Mark Hawkins,. General Supervisor, Parks. Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation. 416-392-6828 or


Copy Sandy Straw Sandy Straw Manager of Parks, Toronto and East York District 50 Booth Avenue, 2nd floor. Toronto, ON M4M 2M2 Telephone: 416-392-1909



and also copy Paula Fletcher


Key words: Health and Safety Issue!   I believe he once mentioned that parks workers are supposed to do a sweep of the parks for such things when they collect the trash, but, you know.


However, the reason to write and make this concern a public record is that last I heard about the Jimmie Simpson master plan (at this meeting:,  one of the improvements mentioned is bleachers near the baseball diamonds; another is more plantings along the sidewalk along Booth. At the public meeting at Ralph Thornton, some noted that such things might exacerbate issues already present in the park, such as the transient population that sleeps there and illegal activity, and as plantings can hide activity and might be a safety issue for those who walk their dogs at night. I don't know the current status of the design, but if there's an issue behind the diamond, adding bleachers isn't going to help. *  Flashing back to high school  *


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