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neighbours playing music loudly between 3.30 a.m. and 7.30 a.m.

Hi Officer Rob,


Just wanted to ask what your advice is when one lives in a condo and has an inconsiderate neighbour who plays their music between 3.30 a.m. and 7.30 a.m.  I'm assuming that this person's time clock is different from the rest of the world's.


What are the steps to take and at what point does one call 416-808-2222?


Thank you.



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Ya but she picked Mr. Zorro.

Hi Otto


Toronto is a 24 hour city and not everyone is on the same clock, residential noise is left up to us the police to deal with but it is not on the top of our calls to service schedule. We try to work with all involved and yes noise starts out as a municipal code offence but yes in some cases it can become a criminal code matter. 





otto mok said:

I have had neighbours complain about my live music at 4pm in the afternoon, on a beautiful sunny day, while i played in my back yard.  What's aggravating: the neighbour's wife comes by wearing a ZORRO mask. It is my understanding that neigbours have a duty of tolerance to reasonsable nuissances. She threatened to call the police. What would have happened in those circumstances? Would Criminal charges be laid or Municipal infractions be laid?


Wow, Zorro at the door.  This sounds like a scene from a David Lynch movie.


and FYI, my back yard faces a lane which faces MRS. ZORRO's back yard at an angle.  So her civic address is not even remotely close to mine.  She has the nerve to complain yet she's afraid to show her face. 

To add levity, I should've warned her not to dont mess with guys who know how to play Metallica)  ;)

Im just waiting to see a big Z etched in my fence.

Otto...I think Mrs. Zorro likes ya.  I say show up in a bunny or kitten outfit.  If you want, for a small fee, you can rent one of mine.


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