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Hi Everyone,

I know there have been coyote sightings in the beach, but I saw one this morning in the Dundas and Leslie area - in the lane between Leslie and Hastings. Thought I'd let everyone know, so they can keep an eye on their dogs (and cats). He looked pretty scraggly, so assume he's hungry!

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Holy Crap!!! That's way too city for a coyote...although I thought I spotted one down at Lakeshore and Leslie where I walked the dogs along the south side - about 4 months ago.

Thanks for the update!

Sure it was a coyote? We've got a couple of foxes in our neighbourhood just south of Danforth and east of Jones (we're not technically in Leslieville, we're in "The Pocket").  Here's a pic of one of our local foxes.

Thanks for the update LWilli, just said the other day to a friend that I had never seen a coyote around us!

I saw what I was sure was a fox running through the laneway above Queen between Hastings & Alton late one night.  At first I though he was a little dog until I saw his fluffy tail.  It was a while ago though. 

Last year my hubby & I went for a late-late night walk along the Leslie Spit, we were on a little path off the main road & came face to face with a coyote. We went back up to the road at that point.  He didn't seem to be bothered by us...& that bothered us!!

Thanks!  A little too close to home - especially since I haven't seen the stray cat that I've been feeding.  If anyone on Curzon has seen the orange taby in the last few days could you please let me know.  I'm already at two cats and two dogs but I try to keep this little guy as healthy as I can.

I've seen an adorable little fox running around Leslie and Gerrard.



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