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Hi everybody, just wanted to let you know that our stroller (Phil & teds) was stollen from our front porch last week. It happened sometime during the night so be very careful! Lock em up or put them out of site - I never thought it would happen to us but it did!! Lesson learned.

Looking to replace it with a BOB stroller, so if you have one willing to sell please let me know. I'd love to take it off your hands.


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Sorry to hear that! Yes, sadly our stroller was also stolen about 2 months ago from our front porch - literally falling apart and old as ours was, someone still decided to take it. Good luck and lock them up, people!

what streets are you guys on? just wondering where these thefts are happening.


We're at Dundas and Kingston Rd, so not quite Leslieville, but close!

Greenwood and Dundas 

Hi there,

We also had our stroller stollen a couple of months ago.. It was just our little McLaren umbrella stroller...but stollen right out of our locked car sometime during the night. Unfortunately, not the first time our vehicle has been broken into. I checked the area pawn shops and craig's list, thinking some low-life may have sold it for a quick buck...but, no luck.

We are on Hastings (near Dundas).

That's so terrible. I've been hearing about many stollen strollers since this happened! I've been looking on Craigslist and Kijiji hoping that I'll find our stroller but no luck yet. Im thinking at this point I probably won't see it on-line, it's long gone.
I just find it so sad that someone stole from kids! An adult bike is one thing, but a baby and toddler's set of wheels.... Makes me really depressed that someone could sink so low.
Anyways, I ended up filling out a police report, and I'd encourage everyone who has experienced this to do the same. It can be done on-line. Eventhough it's unlikely we'll be reunited with our strollers the police are keeping track of where this is happening and it's raising awareness.


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